What We Offer


Andrology is the medical field that specializes in men’s reproductive health. If you are seeking treatment for male infertility, your physician may refer you to the Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory. Male infertility can be a complex issue and our experienced team provides a range of diagnostic testing for men’s reproductive health, including semen analysis and advanced sperm testing. We also provide sperm freezing and storage for fertility preservation and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

The Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory is run by experts in evaluating and treating severe male infertility, and partners with experts in treating male infertility. The procedures in our lab comply with and exceed current World Health Organization (WHO, 2010) standards. The Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

Diagnostic Tests

To provide the most accurate semen analysis it is preferred that the sample be produced at the Diagnostic Andrology Laboratory. As a result, it is not uncommon for a man to feel a bit anxious when he is asked to provide a specimen. Our staff has made every attempt to consider these special circumstances and may be able to provide suggestions for reducing any associated stress.

A variety of diagnostic testing is available:

Semen analysis related to infertility
Sperm processing for assisted reproductive technology (ART)
processes such as IVF used to achieve pregnancy
Post-vasectomy semen analysis to confirm clinical infertility
Testicular biopsy evaluations