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What Doctors Says & What we take care about Lifestyle checks & Nivedita Maternity Home Simple dietary and lifestyle changes women should make after turning 30 Women have always struck a perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. But in order to accomplish this, they often tend to overlook their health and fitness. Ageing is associated with a lot of physical, emotional and hormonal changes in the body. Nutrition plays a key role when it comes to conquering these everyday challenges.

Post 30, women usually encounter slow metabolism, weight fluctuations, low energy levels, micronutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. It is very essential to make certain critical changes in the diet to keep these in check. Below Steadfast Nutrition, shares some changes a woman should make in her diet post turning 30.

Increase protein intake: As we grow old, our metabolism tends to slow down. Therefore, it is important to ensure that protein intake is adequate in addition to other nutrients. Diet rich in protein has been shown to help boost metabolic rate.

Include foods like beans, legumes, pulses, dairy, eggs, whey protein, chicken in the diet.